Fiberglass, Vinyl, Aluminum, Wood or Composite?

Fiberglass frames windows and doors

Fiberglass frames are strong, heavy, durable, low maintenance, providing good insulation. Fiberglass frames can be either filled or hollow with foam insulation.

Vinyl frames doors and windows

Vinyl frames are low maintenance and provide good thermal insulation. Sections may be hollow or filled with foam insulation. Wide vinyl sills may be reinforced with metal or wood.

Aluminum frames windows

Aluminum frames are durable, low maintenance, recyclable, and frame design typically includes thermal breaks to reduce the conductive heat loss through the metal.

Wood frame Door and/or Window

Wooden frames are strong, provide good insulation, and are generally favored in historical neighborhoods. The exterior surfaces of many wood windows are covered with aluminum or vinyl clad to reduce maintenance. Combination frames use different materials separately throughout the frame and sash to provide optimal performance. The exterior half of a frame could be vinyl while the interior half could be wood.

Composite frames windows and doors

Composite frames are made of various materials blended together through manufacturing processes to create durable, low maintenance, well-insulated windows.

Vinyl Windows and Doors

VinYl WindowVinyl windows and doors Toronto unlike wood frames feature low maintenance, excellent isolation and durability. Vinyl materials look great and normally don't need to be painted.

Steel Doors

Steel DoorsSteel doors feture Low maintenance, energy efficient, no cracking or bowing, less expensive, good insulating value and secure. However, scratches can lead to rust. Find here locks, hinges and related hardware.

Fiberglass Doors

Fiberglass DoorFibergalss Doors feature lowest maintenance, can be painted or stained, resists denting and scratching, wood grain and smooth finish, energy efficient, good insulation, secure.